PE: Voting wisely for the future beyond rhetoric

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 26 August 2011

Think Centre calls on Singaporeans to think rationally and vote wisely for the future beyond the hustle and bustle of electoral rhetoric.

Think Centre Media Release

26 August 2011

PE:Voting wisely for the future beyond rhetoric

Singapore - On the eve of Singapore's 4th Presidential Elections since independence, Think Centre (TC), one of Singapore's oldest political NGO, calls on Singaporeans to think rationally and vote wisely for the future beyond the hustle and bustle of electoral rhetoric.

Firstly, TC extends its deepest appreciation and best wishes to the 4 presidential candidates for their moral courage and political will in stepping forward to offer themselves to serve Singaporeans.

The Elected President (EP) is not only the ceremonial figure-head of the nation state and key custodian to the nation's reserves but he also plays an important role as the nation's conscience. As such, TC calls upon the new EP-elect to not only account to Singaporeans on constitutional decisions within its ambit, but also lead the Parliament by example in the protection of human rights in Singapore - in particular, exercising greater independent moral authority on detentions without trial and clemency pleas against death penalty.

Secondly, TC urges the 4 presidential candidates and all Singaporeans to take stock of the outcomes of the nation's watershed General Elections in May 2011 as well as the Prime Minister's National Day Rally speech. Recognizing the need for more open and rational political climate, the government pledged to accommodate more active citizenry participation in the nation-building process as well as to effect transformative policy changes to bring about greater socio-economic equality.

While long overdue revisions have been made to housing entitlements, educational needs, employment opportunities and health care subsidies, there is more this government can do to ensure Singaporeans' basic human rights are met. The new EP-elect must also closely scrutinize this government's human rights record and call attention to human rights abuses without fear or favour.

Last but not least, TC reminds the 4 presidential candidates and the government of the need for genuine political healing across national and partisan lines after Aug 27. Regardless of the results of this Presidential elections and the Parliamentary elections 3 months ago, Singapore has indeed woken up to a more renewed, maturing and inter-connected political landscape. The unfortunate and disappointing saga of statutory mis-management and abuse of common community areas' usage in Aljunied and Hougang has further divided the people and does not contribute to political healing and reconciliation.

To instill confidence for the future amongst all Singaporeans amid the current economic uncertainties, the new President-elect and Parliament must think Singaporeans first, to act as society's conscience and be the peoples' voice - starting first by ensuring fair resolution of this saga of petty politics.

This Cooling-off Day, TC joins fellow Singaporeans from all walks of life in going about our daily routines free from the hustle and bustle of further political rhetoric.

Come Polling Day, we ask 2.27 million Singaporeans to vote rationally and wisely, Singapore's 3rd Elected President who will lead the Parliament into a whole new political landscape, in this place we call home.

Majulah Singapura.

In solidarity,

Kong Soon Tan
Think Centre

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