Dr. Lee Siew Choh has left us

Posted by under Breaking News on 18 July 2002

Veteran politician and former leader of Barisan Socialis, Dr. Lee Siew Choh, passed away this evening (18/7/2002) at his home at 5.31pm. He was 85 years old. Dr. Lee had been fighting cancer for the past three years.

Dr. Lee, a medical doctor, was with the People's Action Party (PAP) as an assemblyman in 1959 when Singapore became self-governing. In 1961, he and other left-wing PAP assemblymen left the PAP to from the Barisan Socialis of which he became the leader. In 1963, he lost to Toh Chin Chye by a mere 89 votes in Rochor. In December 1965, he led the Barisan walk out of 13 opposition members from parliament. In 1988, the Barisan merged with the Workers' Party and Dr. Lee Siew Choh contested in the Eunos GRC team. As a result, he entered parliament as a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP). He retired from politics in 1991.

Dr. Lee will always be remembered as a man who stood up to the PAP during a period when it was dangerous to do so. A part of Singapore's history today died with the passing of Dr. Lee Siew Choh.

He leaves behind his wife,Kathleen Fam Yin Oi, 83, and two sons and a daughter. Think Centre extends its condolences to the family and relatives of Dr. Lee Siew Choh.

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