Law must be uniform: Zulfikar

Posted by Anbarasu Balrasan under Breaking News on 26 July 2002

Think Centre received a call from Zulfikar last night from Melbourne, Australia. He said that he would come back to Singapore on condition that if he is charged for criminal defamation, then he feels the PM should be charged with the same offence.

Zulfikar believes that the law must be uniformly applied.

The police are investigating the criminal defamation charges on three articles posted by Zulfikar on They have investigated Zulfikar's response that he too was allegedly criminally defamed by PM Goh, DPM Lee and MP Yatiman. The police have replied to Zulfikar that, after investigating, there is insufficient grounds to act against the PM, DPM and Mr. Yatiman.

On his refuge in Melbourne, Zulfikar says that he has to be pragmatic and think of his wife and children. However, he will come back and stand trial if and only if the PM is charged as well. He claims that it is a foregone conclusion that he would be charged and everyone in Singapore knows that he would be charged.

Zulfikar was fined $600 for wilful trespass of a police station. He had lodged an appeal.

He has no immediate plans except to make sure that his wife and children join him in Melbourne. He maintains that the "tudung" case will still go to court.

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