Water price rises for common man with or without Malaysia.

Posted by Mohd Shiran (Serangoon Ave 2) under Breaking News on 21 October 2002

All this while,the water issue between Singapore and Malaysia was such a hot topic. The public gets an overload of information everyday in the Republic's state run mass-media. The 1961 and 1962 agreements where Singapore buys daily raw water from Malaysia at three sen has not changed.

The Singapore Government insists that the price should not be changed drastically because the Malaysia Government had forgotten to review the price after 25 years. The Singapore Government absolutely wants the prices to remain the same or slightly increase.

To my dismay,why do the domestic users pay for the rising water charges when there is no change in the price of buyingh water from Malaysia. I feel that it is unjustified to make the domestic user pay for price increases when we still pay the Malaysian government the same rate.

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