Burmese dictator's family appeals hangings

Posted by under Breaking News on 13 November 2002

Is it a lesson for all dictator's and their family? The tools of "terror" they create to rule by fear may one day turn against them. Well, it may come true as poetic justice. Read on

The supreme court in Burma is hearing an appeal against death sentences imposed on relatives of the former dictator, Ne Win.

The four men - Ne Win's son-in-law and three grandsons - were sentenced to death by hanging after being found guilty of plotting to overthrow the current military government.

The defence has called for the men to be acquitted.

Observers say the sentences are likely to be commuted to life imprisonment as judicial executions are rare in Burma.

Ne Win, who is 92 and under house arrest, came to power in a coup 40 years ago.

He stepped down in 1988 in the face of pro-democracy demonstrations that were crushed by a group of generals who continue to rule today.

BBC World Service

BBC Tuesday, 12 November, 2002,


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