Anti-War Police Arrests
in Singapore

Posted by under Breaking News on 15 February 2003

BREAKING NEWS! 15/2/2003 - 5.45pm Several people were arrested in Singapore today when they turned up at or were on route to the US Embassy to protest against any war with Iraq.

Currently these individuals are being held at Tanglin police station for questioning.

Most news agencies have yet to break the news.

So come back to we will have more updates direct from the source.....

Update: 17 Feb 2003 Straits Times website Prime News excerpt from article entitled: Protesters here from a 'small minority'

Police released the three men and three women protesters, who did not have a permit for the demonstration, after questioning.

The following excerpt is from the Straits Times website which carried a report by AP entitled "Day of global protests against Iraq war." The AP report appeared under the "Latest News" section which, at the time the Centre spotted the report, was updated at 4.12pm local time:

"Peace activists in Singapore said about 75 people were expected at a rally in front of the US Embassy, and a protest in South Korea -- a prominent US ally in Asia -- was also planned for later on Saturday.

'We just have to put the point across that there are people all over the world, including some of us in Singapore, that are against the US attacking Iraq,' said Singaporean human rights activist Mohammed Latiff."

Police advise public to ignore SMS message on anti-war demonstration by at 10pm:

Six people are helping police with investigations into the source of an SMS message urging them to participate in an anti-war demonstration outside the US Embassy on Saturday.

Police say three of them, including two women, were spotted at about 3.30pm carrying anti-war placards along the walkway in front of the US Embassy.

Earlier, three others were seen at Tanglin Mall with anti-war placards in a plastic bag.

The group at Tanglin Mall told officers they'd received an SMS message urging them to participate in the demonstration.

All six complied when advised by Police not to proceed with the demonstration as there was no police permit for the event.

Police say it's illegal to demonstrate in public without a permit.

It also urge the public not to circulate the SMS message.

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