You have to give it to the PAP

Posted by J B Jeyaretnam under Breaking News on 5 May 2003

You have to give it to the PAP. At a time when Singaporeans are losing their jobs and taking cuts to keep their jobs, the PAP increase the ministers in the Cabinet.

Any government receptive to the needs and welfare of its citizens would have pruned the costs of government and used the savings to alleviate hardships in the community. But not the PAP.

Goh creates posts to keep Ministers relieved of their ministries. Would someone tell us, who have to foot the bill, what is the necessity for and function of second Ministers. We now have six Ministers in the Prime Minister's Office including the Prime Minister and of whom two have been designated as Second Ministers. Do we really need two Cabinet Ministers to look after one Ministry? Do they divide the work between themselves? Or is one overseeing the other? The appointment of two Cabinet Ministers to a Ministry is unique - another first for Singapore. We have a right to know. Who says the PAP does not look after their own?


J B Jeyaretnam

5th May 2003


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