Singapore: Increased medical charges

Posted by J.B.Jeyaretnam under Breaking News on 27 May 2003

We do not have to be told that someone has to pay the increased costs of health care. Instead of making obvious statements, the government should think seriously on whom the burden should be placed.

Should it be placed on families whose household income is less than $2000 a month and particularly on those who in increasing numbers are now being thrown out of their jobs.

We do not have enough monies, it would seem, to spend on the health care of those who are in need of it because we are spending far too much on defence.

If we do not have enough monies, would not the costs be met from raising income tax.

I have constantly called for a national public health service so that the cost is spread across the board on all citizens.

This increase is yet another instance, if we need any instances at all, of this government's lack of political will to help those in need. It panders to the rich increasing the gulf between the rich and the poor.

Before the Ministers call upon SIA pilots to accept what they say is a fifty percent reduction in their earnings, will the Ministers first take a 50% cut in their salaries. Even at that amount, they are grossly overpaid.


J B Jeyaretnam

27th May 2003

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