Finance Minister is like Robin Hood in reverse

Posted by J.B.Jeyaretnam under Breaking News on 3 March 2004

Our extra-ordinarily gifted and super-talented Finance Minister has shown in his presentation of the Budget that he is well able to play the role of Robin Hood but in reverse.

Having slapped on a further 2% tax on the poor by raising the GST to 5%, henow proceeds to hand out to the mult-national and other companies a saving of 2% on their income.

The Thatcher government was called evil by the then Archbishop of canterbury. The PAP government qualifies for the epithet by taking money from the poor to pay the rich.

The GST hurts most those who are already struggling to live within their salaries or wages.

The government has also shown that it does not think labour has any contribution to make in the economy of Singapore.

Workers in Singapore have been reduced to slaves, to take on their knees whatever is handed to them by their employers and the government. The flexible wage has been rammed down their throats without any consultation with them. Is it an ywonder that morale in the workforce is low as has been shown in the case of the SIA employees.

If Singapore's economy is to improve, then the contribution of labour must be recognised and labour must be given its rightful place. Otherwise workers will hold back their fullest co-operation to improve the economy. Why should they when they see that they do not get the just fruits of their labour.

The Employment Act and the Trade Dispute Act have to be scrapped and a new charter drawn up that will give workers their rightful place in Singapore's economy, not as beggars but as equal partners with capital.

Does the PAP have the political will to do this or will it continue to just pander to the wealthy and ignore the rights of the workers. If it does, it will put Singapore's economy at peril.


3rd March 2004

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