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Think Centre - Support Landmine Survivors:Posters
THINK CENTRE is raising awareness on Landmine Survivors in Cambodia and invites everyone to support the disabled person. 8 out of 10 families are exposed to landmines. So far just 3.3% of the affected areas have been cleared.


THINK CENTRE is raising awareness on Landmine Survivors in Cambodia and invites everyone to join us in offering kindness to the people of Cambodia.

One of the major causes that we would like to draw Singaporeans' attention to this year, is the removal of landmines in Cambodia.

The statistics are alarming. So far over 40,000 Cambodians have lost a limb to landmines. And the numbers can only grow. Six million landmines are still lurking underground, waiting for their victim.

For Cambodians, the most basic of human freedoms - movement - is fraught with danger. Many people living in the rural areas cannot take a step without fearing loss of life or limb. For the average Singaporean living in a modern, well-planned society, this is hard to imagine.

We have, therefore, in close collaboration with M&C Saatchi, come up with a hard-hitting campaign. It is designed to make Singaporeans sit up and take notice of the plight of their neighbours, and hopefully dig into their pockets to help alleviate the plight of the Cambodians.

For this campaign, M&C Saatchi have kindly devoted their creative time and energy for free. So has Eric Seow, a leading advertising photographer, who took his crew to Cambodia at his own expense, to get authentic, moving images of landmine victims.

All this is good, but it isn't enough.

We cannot create awareness without your help. We appeal to you to give us any space available, so we can raise awareness for this worthy cause with our roving exhibition of posters, postcards and fact-sheets.

Background:The problem of landmines in Cambodia

Cambodia is the most disabled country in the world.One out of every 236 people has stepped on a landmine.There are 4-6 million landmines still in the ground and everyday a civilian steps on one. Many of the victims are women and children who step on the mine while gathering firewood, farming or tending cows. Half of the victims die, due to lack of medical facilities in Cambodia. The survivors are faced with the difficulty of starting a new life. Most victims are farmers and it is virtually impossible for an amputee to farm.
Cambodia has suffered from 30 years of violence including US bombing, a genocide and a civil war. It began with four years of heavy bombing during the Vietnam war. Then the Khmer Rouge's genocidal rule (1975-1979) resulted in nearly 2 million people dying from execution, starvation or disease a quarter of the population. Twenty years of civil war followed, ending in 1998.
Cambodians are rebuilding their lives, and families amidst the challenges of: extreme poverty, 4-6 million landmines, government corruption, lack of clean drinking water, shortage of schools and almost no medical.

We invite you to join us in offering kindness to the people of Cambodia. Please contact Think Centre to exhibit the posters on Landmine Survivors Support Campaign.

Sinapan Samydorai
Think Centre

You may contact directly for more information, to offer volunteer service or to make contributions:

Cambodia Landmine Campaign in Phnom Penh
Jesuit Service - Cambodia
Dennis coughlan
Tel: 855-23-880 455

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