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Posted by under Breaking News on 29 August 2005

Amidst various pompous National Day Observance Dinners islandwide, Think Centre (TC) celebrated its 6th anniversary with its annual dinner at the NUSS Guild House.

While the occasion saw a table of 12 like-minded and socio-politically-savvy citizens, it was nonetheless a time for consolidation of civil society ties and active citizenship.

At this dinner, Think Centre also conferred the title of Honorary Advisor to Mr. Sebastian Teo. Mr Teo, 52, is a respected businessman who runs his own management consultancy and an active fellow of the NUS Business School Alumni Association. Having been active in opposition politics since the late 90s, he is the Vice-Chairman of the National Solidarity Party, a component party of the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA).

Mr Teo has been a familiar face with residents of the Kampong Glam ward prior to the 2001 general elections. In the 2001 elections, he had to contest with a makeshift team in Tampines GRC as the ward in which he walked tirelessly, was absorbed into the current Jalan Besar GRC. Even then, he helped his team to 24.9% of valid votes cast in the electoral contest in Tampines GRC.

Mr Teo has also been a supportive member in TC since 2002. With his appointment as Honorary Advisor, Think Centre will benefit from his experience and insights on corporate governance and business ethics. Upon his appointment tonite, Mr Teo called on Think Centre to grow from strength to strength and perhaps venture into potential business-cum-socio-political activities for sustenance.

Think Centre welcomes its Honorary Advisor on board as we forge a vibrant political society in this exciting global city of excellence we call home!

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