Singapore and Australia:
Vigils & Prayers for Nguyen

Posted by Sinapan Samydorai under Breaking News on 8 November 2005

Vigils and Prayers for Nguyen Tuong Van - against the death sentence. In Singapore, about 100 people gathered in a solidarity vigil. In Australia, 1000 participated in a catholic mass, praying against the death sentence Nguyen is facing.

News Updates on Nguyen Tuong Van

There are people in Singapore who care about Nguyen Tuong Van.
There are people in Singapore who are concerned about the death penalty.
There are people in Singapore who will not allow this to continue in their name.

If the court wrongly sentences a person to death, the result is irreversible.

Singapore activists have tried and failed to deliver a bundle of messages of support to Nguyen Tuong Van. Lawyer M Ravi informed that police at Changi Prison, where Nguyen is being held, had blocked the delivery on two occasions by refusing to take the 70 letters

Remember Shanmugan who was hang on 13 May 2005 in Changi. Nguyen and Shanmugan became friends in the death-row. Letchumi the mother of Shanmugan said: "You are also like my son. My son has told me about you before he died. Shanmugan told me to save you if he is to die."

Shanmugan and his death-row friends were remembered as victims of the death penalty - that remains a cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment.In silence all prayed that Nguyen will be saved from the death penalty.

How long will such small-fry desperate beings be hanged in Singapore while fat-cat drug lords go free? If this inhumane practice is really a deterrent, how come we after 40 years of executions STILL have the HIGHEST PER CAPITA EXECUTION RATE IN THE WORLD with the greatest known proportion of these executions small-time drug mules like Shanmugam and Tuong Van?

Think Centre distributed the statement No to Death Penalty: Call for Moratorium

Think Centre invites all to sign a petition calling on the government to declare an immediate moratorium on the death penalty. Save the life of those on the death-row.Sign Petition Calling for Moratorium on the death penalty

Think Centre urges the Singapore government to impose a moratorium on executions, with a view to complete abolition, in line with the April 2005 UN Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) resolution on the question of the death penalty; and the UNCHR urges states which still maintain the death penalty not to impose it as a mandatory sentence, or for crimes without lethal or extremely grave consequences.

The Singapore event was convened by an independent, non-partisan, non affiliated group of Singaporeans with concerns about Death Penalty practices in Singapore & elsewhere. Solidarity event for Nguyen Tuong Van and others like him on death row, and in remembrance of those hanged like Shanmugam.

A Catholic chaplain is available to Nguyen, who converted to the faith a year ago. Father Peter Norden, who presides at Nguyen's former primary school in Richmond [Australia] and has visited prisoners on death row around the world, said he would probably consult Nguyen about his last rites. He said he expected to formulate plans for the rites with Nguyen.

The Australian Plea to Pope last chance for condemned Van 7 November 2005

Sign Petition
Calling for Moratorium on the death penalty

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