James Gomez detained for police probe

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James Gomez, the Workers Party candidate, was detained by police at Changi Airport and taken to the Police Cantonment Complex for investigation. The Chairperson of the Workers Party, Sylvia Lim, has also been seen visiting the police station. Will the police release him after investigation?


Is the national election free and fair in Singapore?



UPDATES: James Gomez@WP Latest News on the Police Investigation

7 May 2006, James Gomez was released around midnight after about eight hours of investigation by the police. His passport is confiscated. He is not allowed to travel overseas until the police complete their investigation. When will the police finish their investigation?

In support of James Gomez and the Workers' Party

Singapore opposition candidate faces police probe

A Singapore opposition candidate has been summoned for police questioning after a complaint by the Elections Department one day after a poll in the city state, a police official said on Sunday.

James Gomez, 40, a candidate from the emerging opposition Workers' Party (WP), came under attack from the ruling People's Action Party (PAP) after he wrongly claimed that the Elections Department, which comes under the Prime Minister's Office, had lost one of his polling forms.

Gomez, who apologised for his oversight, was repeatedly condemned as a "liar" by PAP leaders, who accused him of a ruse to discredit the election office.

"Police have received a complaint against Mr. James Gomez from the Elections Department. Police are investigating," police spokeswoman Siow Cheng Cheng told Reuters.

The police probe came a day after the election, which saw the PAP, led by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, winning 66.6 percent of the votes cast and sweeping 82 out of 84 seats in parliament.

As with previous polls, this election was also overshadowed by defamation lawsuits and personal attacks - a timeworn PAP tactic that has bankrupted some opposition leaders, thus disqualifying them for parliament.

Just a week before the election, Lee and his father, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, launched a defamation suit against the tiny Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and its leaders.

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