SDP: To host gathering of international youth leaders

Posted by under Breaking News on 11 June 2004

For the first time in Singapore's political history, an opposition party will play host to a gathering of political youth leaders from around the world.

Executive members of IFLRY - International Federation of Liberal Youth - will convene in Singapore from June 18 to 20 for a series of executive meetings.

One of ILFRY's Asian members, the Young Democrats of Singapore (the youth wing of the Singapore Democratic Party) has been asked to host the event.

IFLRY was constituted in 1979 in Silkeborg, Denmark. Its policies are based on the belief in the universality and indivisibility of human rights. As liberal democrats, IFLRY members strive for a free and tolerant society without any form of discrimination, with equal opportunities, respect for the individual and the minorities. These goals can only be reached through a democratic system of governance. At present, IFLRY has over 90 member organisations from all continents. Website: International Federation of Liberal Youth

As part of the Young Democrats' efforts to promote and educate Singaporeans on the importance of democracy and human rights, the executive members of ILFRY have agreed to hold a public forum to raise awareness amongst the people of Singapore and to discuss the need for citizens to get engaged in the political and social process of their country.

Forum topics:

1. Engaging Youth in Politics and Civil Society.

2. What does Liberalism & Democracy have to do with the economy?

Venue: Quality Hotel, 201 Balestier Road

Date: 19 June 2004, Saturday

Time: 2pm to 5.30pm

Dress code: Casual

Registration: The forum will be open to all, no registration necessary.

As required by the authorities, an application has been sent to the Entertainment and Licensing Unit of the Singapore Police for a permit to hold the public forum.

The delegates from ILFRY will arrive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where they are scheduled to hold a seminar entitled "Advocating Human Rights: Position of Young People in Society." The three-day event is organised with support from the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, and will be hosted by the Gerakan Party of Malaysia.

The SDP has learned that ASEF, which is based in Singapore, has declined to support the Singapore-leg of the ILFRY event.

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