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Do you want to withdraw your CPF at age 55?

--->> The Poll Result <<---

Extend day-off benefit to all workers in Singapore
Caritas Singapore

We strongly support the suggestion by Madam Halimah and hope that the Ministry of Manpower will consider implementing a day off each week not just for foreign domestic helpers but for all workers in Singapore.

Victimised migrant workers - Protect, don't punish
Stephanie Chok

The point of Home's letter was about a greater need to protect migrant workers who have been victims of scam agents and punish those who deliberately deceive them

Prosecute human traffickers and protect scam victims
Jolovan Wham

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Think Centre (TC) International Human Rights Day 2013

Think Centre calls for the protection and promotion of human rights for every individual in Singapore as we commemorate International Human Rights Day 2013.

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University Bookshop Takes "Self-Censorship" Off Shelf

Kuat Kuat Lari! Exclusive Interview with Tang Liang Hong in Australia

Radio Programme Re-edited

Think Centre's April Fools' Joke

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Singapore Human Rights Report 2001 submitted to United Nations by Think Centre

PDA News On-the-Go with Avantgo

Human Rights Report 2002


Self-Censorship: Singapore's Shame  SHAME Magazine
The Political Dimensions of the Economic Crisis  Publish and Perish: The Censorship of Opposition Party Publications in Singapore
Young Vietnam: Doi Moi's Children   Democratic Transitions in Asia
Internet Politics - Surveillance and Intimidation in Singapore  September 11 & Political Freedom - Asian Perspectives

News Tuesday, 06 October, 2015

Breaking News
Civil Society Joint Statement on the Persecution of Amos Yee

(Think Centre)
06 July 2015

The Community Action Network and Think Centre are deeply concerned about the deteriorating health of Amos Yee.

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Breaking News
Statement on the current pre-sentencing treatment of Amos Yee Pang Sang

(Think Centre)
04 July 2015

Think Centre (TC) calls for the State to urgently review its treatment of Amos Yee before his final sentencing is confirmed. The State should immediately allow him to be transferred from his remand location at block 7 to either a suitably equipped private hospital to continue his assessment or at the minimum, to the private wards available in the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), to prevent further deterioration of his mental well-being.

by Think Centre

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Breaking News
Think Centre 2015 Labour Day Message

(Think Centre)
30 April 2015

Lets work together to make a difference to the working poor who earn S$1500 and below. This is a good time to think, to pause and reflect on building solidarity among workers and to ensure decent work and minimum wage for all. Lets call to end "survival wage" and remind those who reject the call for decent work and minimum wage to be in solidarity with the working poor. Singapore achieves phenomenal growth but productivity remains very low as employers are free to exploit local and migrant workers with low "survival" wages and long working hours. Lets call for decent work and minimum wage for all workers on this International Workers Day. Lets stop the exploitation of all workers and call for the protection of human and workers rights for all without discrimination.

by Think Centre

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Breaking News
Statement on Singapore’s first Prime Minister’s Passing

(Think Centre)
24 March 2015

Today, many respect the first generation of Singaporeans and their leaders, chief among them was Lee Kuan Yew. However, as with the history of many successful leaders, these gains came at a great price.

by Think Centre

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Breaking News
EU STATEMENT by the Spokesperson on the recent executions in Singapore

(EU Spokesperson)
25 July 2014

The capital punishment can never be justified. The European Union opposes capital punishment under all circumstances and calls for its universal abolition.

by EU

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Massive leap backwards as Singapore resumes executions (18-Jul-2014)

Death Penalty: Singapore resumes executions (18-Jul-2014)

Singapore: Many unhappy with work and social realities (14-Jul-2014)

Commentary: Is Singapore Still Under Emergency Rule?  (14-Apr-2014)

Statement on the EU-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (13-Jan-2014)

Handling of riot aftermath exposes national laws and practices that violate international standards  (23-Dec-2013)

Reflection on the 11th World Day against Death Penalty (19-Oct-2013)

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Public Forums:
Interim Singapore Working Group

29 September 2007

Round Table discussion on ASEAN@40 Series of Events, Singapore Working Group for ASEAN, ASEAN Charter and ACSC-3

Signing of the ASEAN Charter Set to Become a Tragic Farce
The future of human rights in Asean
40th Anniversary Highlights the Need to Set ASEAN on a New Path
The Draft ASEAN Charter: Is it people-centred?
Draft ASEAN Charter must be distributed to the people
ASEAN: Need for Greater Civil Society Involvement
ASEAN Civil Society Conference
Interim Singapore Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism
Civil Society Consultation: Creating a Truly People-Centred ASEAN Community
The Interim Singapore Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism
RoundTable Discussion on
Establishing an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism
Peace Boat: Happy Birthday Aung San Suu Kyi
Civil society kicks off ASEAN Charter involvement (belatedly)
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Human Rights Watch Series:
Death Penalty in Singapore

25 April 2005

June 2001, Think Centre begins to raise public awareness on the death penalty issue.

Sign Petition Singapore: Calls for immediate moratorium on the death penalty

April 2005, Think Centre reaffirms call for a moratorium on death penalty and to commute all death sentences to imprisonment. Think Centre calls on the government to remove the mandatory capital punishment for simple possession of drugs. The mandatory death sentence must be removed. Singapore is believe to have the world's highest per capita execution rate,relative to its population.

Singapore opposed the call for a moratorium on death-penalty
There Is More To The Death Penalty Debate
What does PERC have to do with Death Penalty!
AI reports on Singapore executions, human rights
The question of the death penalty
Think Centre calls for a moratorium on Death Penalty
Singapore activists vow to keep fire burning against death penalty
S'pore frees German drug offender
Jakarta: Protest against Death Penalty in Singapore
Singapore finally finds a voice in death row protest
HUNG AT DAWN: Concert Against Death Penalty
Static Art Display: Hung at Dawn Concert
Poem: Hung at Dawn
SINGAPORE: Two Africans sentenced to death
Singapore: Government defends mandatory death penalty
World Day Against the Death Penalty
Two Indonesian Domestic Workers Escape the Death Penalty
Hung at Dawn: Police Ban Sam's Face
6th May Candlelit Vigil
The Death Penalty – An Irrational Debate
Think Centre: Reaffirms Call for Moratorium on executions
The family and children of Shanmugam Murugesu
Suspected Drug Trafficker Free to Do Business
13 May 2005: Shanmugam to be hanged at 6am
President unable to accede for constititional court hearing
Think Centre calls for Constitutional Court decision and Moratorium on death penalty
Shanmugam Murugesu will be hanged: 13 May 2005
Singapore: President rejects clemency for Shanmugam
Death-row detainee Shanmugam:
2 hanged and there are 8 more
Govt criticized AI's report on Death Penalty: J.B.Jeyaretnam comments
Death Penalty: Latest worldwide statistics released
Malaysia: Is Capital Punishment Justified?
JAPAN: Death Penalty and the Media
BHUTAN: Capital punishment abolished
India: The debate on death penalty
Death Penalty: NGUYEN, Vietnamese refugee-cum-scout
Singapore struggles with image as executioner
Singapore: Death Penalty should be commuted to imprisonment
Death Penalty: Nguyen Tuong Van appeals
Two More to Hang in Singapore
Death Penalty
S'pore: Capital punishment soars
J.B.Jeyaretnam Calls for a Criminal Cases Review Commission
Think Centre Calls for a moratorium on Death Penalty
SINGAPORE: Death Penalty - Julaiha Begum (f), aged 52, faces imminent execution after her appeal for presidential clemency has been denied.
Singapore: High execution rate shrouded in secrecy
Singapore Death Penalty Shrouded In Silence
Indian migrant worker facing execution
Death penalty: The Unconstitutional Punishment
Was innocent man hanged due to procedure?
Death Penalty: The Silence is Deafening and Disturbing
Zulfikar bin Mustaffah to be Hanged this Friday
Death Penalty Case Gets an Airing in Parliament
Drug Addicts and Death Penalty in Singapore
The Death Penalty in Southeast Asia
Death Penalty: Information needed on Death Sentence and Execution Statistics in Singapore this year
Clemency Plea to the President of Singapore
Zulfikar bin Mustaffah is a Drug Addict but NOT a Drug Trafficker!
Imminent Execution, 30 May 2001, Zulfikar bin Mustaffah, Aged 32, Unemployed
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UPR submissions

Cheong Chun Yin
High Court Rejects application
High Court Rejects application for judicial review (Cheong Chun Yin v Attorney-General - [2014])
27 June 2014

Cheong Chun Yin
Malaysia should plea on behalf of death row prisoner
27th November 2013

Cheong Chun Yin
A father trying to save his son (Cheong Chun Yin)
28th November 2013

Justice for Chun Yin


"The future is not something hidden in a corner. The future is something we build in the present."

- Paulo Freire

Human Rights Watch

Singapore: Stop Hiding Behind Old Excuses

Singapore’s claims of exemption from human rights standards are just lame excuses for abuses. The people of Singapore deserve the same rights as everyone else, not more clever stories justifying government oppression.

UN’s Human Rights Review of Singapore

The Government of Singapore reiterated that the enjoyment of human rights must be “balanced” with people’s obligations, yet it fails to concretely outline where the State’s obligations lie in ensuring the full promotion and protection of human rights for all living in Singapore

Human Rights Education

Human Rights Day 2010

This year's Human Rights Day on 10 December is dedicated to Human Rights defenders who act to end discrimination.

UN Human Rights Day Statement
UN HCHR Navi Pillay

Media Watch

Wall Street Journal accused of attacking Singapore judiciary

Singapore's attorney-general accused the Wall Street Journal Asia of seeking to undermine the city-state's judiciary and sought a "substantial fine" on the newspaper's publisher.

Singapore: Restrictions Follow Critics to Cyberspace
Lin Quan Zhong

Policy Watch

Rich Singapore resists welfare reforms
Simon Montlake

The recent recession has exposed the vulnerability of Singapore have-nots. Critics say the city-state should provide a better social safety net.

Temasek's portfolio falls by S$40 billion
Saeed Azhar and Kevin Lim

Labour Watch

Blanket recruitment
Seah Chiang Nee

Singapore: Jobs are increasingly available but ironically many of the positions are in search for more foreigners to fill rather than Singaporeans.

Singapore: 5.9% or 116,300 are jobless

Election Watch

GE: The PAP win but Workers' Party make history

The opposition Workers' Party make history winning GRC and SMC. The people of Singapore have make history, making this change possible. We are celebrating our freedom of choice.

GE:Singaporeans to vote for meaningful life


Indonesia Pushing to Steer the Course In Asean Single Market Transformation
Nivell Rayda

The 10 Asean countries are aspiring to build a single market and production base in a bid to build a highly competitive economic region.

Placing Human Rights at the Forefront of ASEAN Chair

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