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Think Centre condemns impending execution of Muhammad Ridzuan Bin Md Ali

Posted by Think Centre under Policy Watch, Statement on 18 May 2017

Think Centre is greatly disturbed by the imminent execution of Muhammad Ridzuan Bin Md Ali scheduled for this Friday morning, 19 May 2017. We regret that the Cabinet of Singapore has once again failed to advise the sitting President to grant clemency. The last known clemency was granted 19 years ago in 1998 by the first elected President of Singapore, the late honourable Mr. Ong Teng Cheong. The case of Muhd Ridzuan shows that the death penalty regime is still as irrefutably flawed as it was, before the amendment in 2012. The Attorney General’s Chambers (AGC) has the sole prerogative over a drug courier’s life or death. The State has failed to put forward any decisive case on whether these executions have successfully disrupted any major syndicate. We call for the State to re-enact a moratorium on the death penalty and consider more humane, compassionate and effective policies against such crimes.

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Singapore, Vote for UN Moratorium on the Use of the Death Penalty

Posted by Think Centre under Policy Watch, Statement on 16 December 2016

Singapore laws, especially on the death penalty, are rooted in our colonial history, which the colonial masters used to reign in, control and exploit a disunited colony of immigrants. Such archaic colonial practices and attitudes should be reviewed and removed from the penal code. If Singapore wants to play the cautious conservative on the issue of enacting a moratorium, which is a clear commitment in recognising the sanctity of human life, it can abstain and watch as it falls behind in moral authority among its peers. The Think Centre, however, urges the Singapore government to rise up to the moral challenge and vote for the resolution on moratorium on the use of the death penalty.

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Local and International groups express solidarity for the families of executed prisoners in Singapore

Posted by Think Centre under Human Rights Watch, Policy Watch, Statement on 26 November 2016

We, the undersigned organisations, condemn the shameful execution of a Nigerian national, Chijioke Stephen Obioha, and a Malaysian national, Devendran a/l Supramaniam in Singapore on 18 November 2016, which runs counter to global trends towards abolition of capital punishment. We remain appalled that Singapore continues to execute people in contravention of international law and standards. We would like to express our regret and share in the disappointment of the families of the executed men. We oppose the use of capital punishment in all circumstances, as a violation of human rights which can never be justified under the flawed assumption that it has a unique deterrent effect.

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Singapore: New Contempt of Court Law Further Curtails Limited Freedom of Expression

Posted by Think Centre under Policy Watch, Statement on 22 August 2016

The Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development (FORUM-ASIA) and its Singaporean member, Think Centre, condemn the passage of the Administration of Justice (Protection) Bill by the Singaporean Parliament on Monday 15 August. It further restricts the limited right to freedom of expression and press freedom in the country. The new Law deems contempt of court a criminal offence punishable by disproportionate penalties and provides a vague and broad definition of contempt including prejudicing court matters, disobeying court orders, and scandalising the courts. “The Law can be used to silence citizens, civil society, and human rights organisations from voicing their opinions over any judicial process. Speaking out on judicial errors as part of exercising the right to freedom of expression is essential to exposing injustice,” says Mukunda Kattel, Director of FORUM-ASIA. “Given the tremendously difficult situation in Singapore regarding freedom of expression, the new Law can only be seen as another attempt by the Government to restrict the work of civil society,” adds Samydorai Sinapan, Director of ASEAN Affairs, Think Centre.

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Capital Punishment: Singapore’s blatant disregard for the right to life

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News, Human Rights Watch, Policy Watch on 20 May 2016

The family of Kho Jabing is in anguish as they are forced to confront his death after his conviction for unintentional murder was upheld and appeals quashed. The same Apex court of 5 judges dismissed Kho Jabing appeal against his death penalty today. Think Centre strongly deplores the imminent execution of Kho Jabing today. Although amendments were made to the death penalty regime in 2012, the Government of Singapore continues its defence of the death penalty at both the national and international arena. Singapore's amended death penalty regime is deeply flawed through its failure to apply the minimum threshold required under international law. Many international law experts, academics, and human rights groups have repeatedly expressed concern that Singapore's justification for the deterrent value of the death penalty is without substance. The Government has consistently failed to produce any verifiable or credible empirical evidence in support of its position. Stripped bare of all cleverly worded language, what is left exposed, is a simple emotional appeal for retribution that serves no one's benefit except to demonstrate the overwhelming and unbearable power of the State to determine one's life and death. What is ironic is that the implementation of capital punishment is in itself, through the extensive involvement of august institutions of the Executive, Legislative and the Judiciary, a methodical and calculated act of blatant disregard for human life, par excellence.

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Posted by Think Centre under Human Rights Watch, Policy Watch, Human Rights Education, Statement on 11 December 2015

As Singapore prepares to engage other United Nations member states on its human rights record at the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) in January 2016, it is clear that much more needs to be done by the government to properly address human rights issues, including to engage Singaporeans on the meaning of human rights in an inclusive society. The Alliance of Like-Minded CSOs in Singapore (ALMOS) is particularly concerned by the government�s overly-broad citation of �national security� in response to questions on the human rights impact of its practices. Citizens are not given a clear indication of the parameters of these security concerns; nor are they provided with convincing evidence that what the state practices is in proportion to the supposed security risks. It has also failed to explain how national security necessitates the turning away of refugees who have been persecuted in their home countries.

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Rich Singapore resists welfare reforms

Posted by Simon Montlake under Policy Watch on 24 January 2010

The recent recession has exposed the vulnerability of Singapore have-nots. Critics say the city-state should provide a better social safety net.

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Temasek's portfolio falls by S$40 billion

Posted by Saeed Azhar and Kevin Lim under Policy Watch on 29 July 2009

As Temasek flounders and tries to grope its way out of the massive losses, where is the accountability to Singaporeans?

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Throwing the doors open to more foreign workers

Posted by Seah Chiang Nee under Policy Watch on 18 July 2009

Throwing the doors open: allowing service employers to bring in one foreigner for every Singaporean they employ could redirect the future direction of Singapore.

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Singapore: Crisis spoils celebrations

Posted by John Burton under Policy Watch on 13 February 2009

The economic downturn threatens to expose some of Singapore's vulnerabilities, including a wide gap between rich and poor and a heavy dependence on foreign investment for growth.

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Singapore reveals S$20.5bn economic stimulus package

Posted by John Burton under Policy Watch on 25 January 2009

In spite of the S$20.5bn stimulus package,the unemployment rate could increase to 5.6 per cent by 2010. About 200,000 foreigners workers are expected to return home.

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Singapore: Poverty looms in Isle of Riches

Posted by Seah Chiang Nee under Policy Watch on 6 July 2008

About 300,000 workers, or 20% of the population earn S$1200 or less a month half of them S$900 or less. If the island's economy is booming, why are so many citizens worse off than they were 10 years ago?

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Singapore: Some 3.4 per cent of children are malnourished

Posted by under Policy Watch on 6 July 2008

More than 23,000 children in our midst do not get enough to eat. And as food prices continue to rise, it hardly seems like this number would decrease. A family with less than $1,000 per month for all their expenses might not be able to provide their children with enough to eat.

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Income Gap: The different faces of Singapore

Posted by Seah Chiang Nee under Policy Watch on 4 May 2008

The top 10 percent of the population are the rich, who live in wealthy districts, while the bottom 20 percent are the languishers who have difficulty coping with a high cost structured life. The third is the large middle class.

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Suicide rate climbs despite good times

Posted by SEAH CHIANG NEE under Policy Watch on 20 August 2007

Not only are there higher rates of divorces, bankruptcies and crime against senior citizens, but in a land awash with jobs and better pay, the number of people killing themselves has surged.

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Aged: Penniless in a land of plenty

Posted by Seah Chiang Nee under Policy Watch on 23 July 2007

For many elderly folk, Singapore is a tough place to live in. Many senior citizens just do not have the skills for the modern economy.

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Growing underclass in 'Lion City'

Posted by Hamish MacDonald under Policy Watch on 5 June 2007

Singapore's government has now acknowledged there is a problem and in this year's budget it introduced what it calls "bold" new welfare payments.

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Posted by Jasmine Yin and Gracia Chiang under Policy Watch on 12 April 2007

Some say the allowances given to those on public assistance are too small. Others say charities should step in. So, who's right?

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Growing old: Pushing a cleaner's brush instead of a grandchild's pram

Posted by Seah Chiang Nee under Policy Watch on 9 March 2007

More elderly Singaporeans past retirement age are working as cleaners or toilet attendants, instead of playing with grandchildren.

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Sand in Singapore's Gears

Posted by under Policy Watch on 9 March 2007

Indonesia, seeking legal recourse to nab fleeing financiers, uses the world's cheapest commodity as a weapon.

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