President unable to accede to constitutional court hearing

Posted by Sinapan Samydorai under Breaking News on 12 May 2005

President "unable to accede" to convene the Constitutional Court on Shanmugam's case; he will be hanged on 13 May 2005. Prayer Vigil at Shanmugam's house.

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Singapore: Calls for immediate moratorium on the death penalty

Think Centre will continue the call for a moratorium on death penalty. Shanmugam Murugesu is challenging the death penalty to the very end. As a brave soldier he was prepared to die for his nation; now he wants the cruel practice of death penalty stopped. More then 400 state sanctioned killing is enough. Let's put a stop to the death penalty. Stop the hanging NOW.

There are 8 more persons on the death-row including Vietnamese Australian Nguyen who is waiting for the President's Clemency.

Think Centre calls on everyone, everywhere, to sign the petitition and say Yes to a Moratorium. NO to the Death Penalty. The death peanlty is a cruel, inhumane and degading punishment.

13 May 2005
Shanmugam is scheduled to be hanged today, Friday, 13 May 2005, at 6am. His body will return home at 3pm. You have a last chance to say fare will to Shanmugam at his home from 3 to 4pm or at the Mandai Crematorium from 5.30 -6.30pm

12 May 2005
Shanmugam's lawyer, M.Ravi, has filed a motion to stay the execution, which was heard at the High Court at 3pm. The judge dismissed the case at around 6pm.
Prayer Vigil at Shamugam's house at 8pm: Block 519, Jurong West Street 52, Unit: 03-157, Singapore.

11 May 2005
President S.R. Nathan informed that he is "unable to accede" to Convene a Constitutional Court to review the case. The President through the Prisons Department official informed M.Ravi, the lawyer for Shanmugam.

10 May 2005
Both Think Centre and M. Ravi, at the Tuesday's press briefing, 10 May 2005, requested the President to convene the constitutional court. They requested the court to determine whether Shanmugam's right to equal protection had been denied.

6 May 2005
A candelit Vigil was held on May 6th, 7 pm at the Furama City Centre Hotel organized by the Think Centre more then 150 people paarticipated in the vigil against death penalty.

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Think Centre Shanmugam Murugesu will be hanged: 13 May 2005 09 May 2005: The family of Shanmugam Murugesu received a letter today that he will be hanged the coming Friday 13th May 2005.

The Observer Singapore finally finds a voice in death row protest 09 May 2005:The government clearly does not want the campaign gathering momentum. The partially state-owned local media ignored the vigil and the police shut down the open mike session just as the first person was getting into his stride.

Think Centre 6th May Candlelit Vigil 26 April 2005: A candelit Vigil was held on May 6th, 7 pm at the Furama City Centre Hotel organized by the Think Centre.

Think Centre: Reaffirms Call for Moratorium on executions

The death penalty is a "cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment."

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