13 May 2005 Shanmugam hanged: Condolences to the Family

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Think Centre, the civil society and the public shares the sorrrow of Shanmugam's Family. His twin sons are now without their father and the aged mother has lost a son.

NEWS Photo's: Shanmugam's funeral

Think Centre, the civil society and the public shares the sorrrow of Shanmugam's Family.

His twin sons are now without their father and the aged mother has lost a son.

Shanmugam Murugesu challenged the death penalty to the very end. As a brave soldier he was prepared to die for his nation; now he wants the cruel practice of death penalty stopped.

More then 400 state sanctioned killing is enough. Let's put a stop to the death penalty. Stop the hanging NOW.

There are 8 more persons on the death-row including Vietnamese Australian Nguyen who is waiting for the President's Clemency.

The death penalty, like torture and slavery in the past, should be reject by all, has no place in a civilized society.

13 May 2005
Shanmugam's body will return home at 3pm. You have a last chance to say farewell to Shanmugam at his home from 3 to 4pm or at the Mandai Crematorium from 5.30 -6.30pm

Be in solidarity with Shanmugam's family and other families who are victims of state sanctioned killig [the death penalty].

Many Singaporean's felt that Shanmugam should have been given a chance. Those implementing the laws here seem to be in a rush to win the cases, close their files, even at the cause of justice. Can we close our conscience? Can we close our eyes and turn our cheeks away when more then 400 persons have suffered death under "state sanctioned killing."

How do we explain to our children that if they make a mistake there is no second chance? What values are we teaching our children? Is that why an increasing number of children and adults are facing suicide instead of trying to find a solution to their problems?

The government here seems to be unnecessarily cruel without any mercy given to those who have make honest mistake. Why not give the person a second chance? This cruel, inhumane and degrading punishment has to go. The laws that permit such cruel punished has to be amended. Think Centre calls on the government, members of parliament, to abandon the use of the death penalty.

Justice Lai Kew Chai, in dismissing the motion to stop the hanging said:"It's regret that a death has to take place but if it has to take place, what are we to do." Think Centre says "No to death penalty." The civil society and the public are saying that the judges be given more discretion. The adminstrative death sentence for possession of drugs and the presumption of guilt for possession of certain amount of drugs as trafficker should be rejected and amended.

Our judges and lawyers are independent. Why can't they make recommendations to the government that their conscience as well as international human rights standards are calling for the abolition of the death penalty, but in the interim, call for a moratorium on the death penalty.

Our laws and policies should be based on International Human Rights Standards and human values. Out laws and policies should be just and fair to all, provide equal protection to all, with due respect to human dignity. No more presumption of guilt for simple possession of drugs as trafficker and no more adminstrative death sentences.

Think Centre will continue the call for a moratorium on death penalty.

Think Centre calls on everyone, everywhere, to sign the petitition and say Yes to a Moratorium. The death peanlty is a cruel, inhumane and degading punishment.

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Singapore: Calls for immediate moratorium on the death penalty

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Think Centre President unable to accede to constitutional court hearing 12 May 2005

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