Report on Two Hot Topics in Singapore

Posted by under News on 22 December 2000

The protest was rare enough, but the waves it created are almost unprecedented.

To mark Human Rights Day on Dec 10, the Open Singapore Centre and Think Centre planned to stage a marathon as a means of protesting against the Internal Security Act (ISA), which allows for detention without trial.

Police refused a permit, so activists instead gathered at Speakers' Corner one of Singapore's concessions to demands for more freedom of speech. There the group unfurled its protest banner (ABOLISH ISA!), and spoke to an enthusiastic crowd of about 50.

Meanwhile, a Radio Corporation of Singapore station broadcast a report of the event, which it said would be rebroadcast later. Much of it wasn't, however, and the presenter confessed that management had requested a re-edit. The corporation has denied management interference. The Think Centre has asked for a copy of the broadcast tapes.

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