Malaysia GE2008 - Opposition Won 5 States

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For the first time, Barisan Nasional coalition lost its two-thirds parliamentary majority. Malaysian opposition won in 5 states - Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Kelatan. A well-deserved victory that promises the birth of a new dawn in Malaysian politics.

Malaysia Kini Election Results

MALAYSIA DECIDES 2008 General Election 2008 Results

A new dawn in Malaysian politics

Aliran salutes the brave and caring Malaysians who courageously voted for change. This victory by the Opposition is all the more remarkable when compared with the shameless way the Barisan Nasional fought this election.

The entire weight of the so-called BN caretaker government was deployed against the Opposition, denying them space and opportunity in all the government controlled media: radio, TV and newspapers. The one-sided onslaught on the Opposition was the worst we have seen thus far.

In spite of money, media and machinery brought to bear on the Opposition, ordinary Malaysians have delivered a verdict that condemns the BN for all the abuses and arrogance of the past; for all the corruption and misuse of government funds; for all the wastage without being accountable; for the rights and freedoms that have been denied to the common people; for every thing that was deemed to be unfair and unjust.

The thinking voters debunked the theory that "there was no other viable coalition in the country". They rejected the notion that there was only one choice i.e. the BN. They realized that there was another choice i.e. the Opposition. They could not be fooled by all the political theories and media hype to project the BN as their only saviour.

The BN's defeat was inevitable. The BN's arrogance failed to acknowledge the genuine grievances or address the needs of the many marginalized communities. Even the middle class Malaysians turned their backs on the BN for p[ractising double standards and discriminatory policies that only benefited their cronies and party functionaries.

Fifty years of patience waiting for reform and just policies had finally worn thin. At long last the voters decided that benefits would not come their way under the BN. So they collectively decided to vote for change. As a result, from Kedah to all the way to Selangor, their indignation and frustration was felt. They delivered these states into the hands of the Opposition.

It is Aliran's hope that the pposition will not squander away this opportunity to bring about the promised change that will make a tangible difference to all those who gave this massive support to the Opposition. We hope that there will not be any struggle for position and power. We hope that they will behave as servants of the people - not their masters - always placing the citizens' interest above every thing else.

Aliran would like to propose that within the month of taking office, these Opposition-controlled states would come out with a report that will in a very transparent manner reveal the financial position of these states. The people would like to know whether these states are financially insolvent or bankrupted by the previous BN governments. We would like to know how much of the state funds have been parked in Off Budget Agencies. We want to know whether there are enough funds for the newly elected governments to implement policies beneficial to the people.

We urge these governments to appoint independent and competent auditors to go through the account books thoroughly with a fine toothcomb and release a report to the public that will give a clear financial picture of these states. Besides, this helps to make good the promise made by the Opposition to be transparent and accountable to the rakyat.

In conclusion, Aliran would like to congratulate the Opposition on a well-deserved victory that promises the birth of a new dawn in Malaysian politics.

P Ramakrishnan
9 March 2008

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