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Think Centre condemns Myanmar Military Coup

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News, Election Watch, ASEAN Watch, Statement on 1 February 2021

We urge the leaders in Myanmar, whether military, civilian, ethnic or religious, to renew their commitment to continue to protect Myanmar's democracy, which has been growing slowly, and to carefully nurture it collectively with all the peoples of Myanmar. We also encourage the international community including ASEAN to call for a peaceful democratic resolution to the current crisis.

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Think Centre on the GE2020 during a Covid-19 pandemic

Posted by Think Centre under Election Watch, Statement on 8 July 2020

The pandemic has also exposed some old myths. With the Circuit Breaker in place, Work-From-Home has become the default norm. Services workers are now seen as very important to upkeep the sanitation and essential to keep the operations of supermarkets running. Even as cheers and claps for health care workers are replicated here, heroes being made out of food delivery workers and cleaners, there is a lag and gap in the national conversation to redress them through better wage structures and policies.

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GE: The PAP win but Workers' Party make history

Posted by under Election Watch on 8 May 2011

The opposition Workers' Party make history winning GRC and SMC. The people of Singapore have make history, making this change possible. We are celebrating our freedom of choice.

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GE:Singaporeans to vote for meaningful life

Posted by under Election Watch on 26 April 2011

The time for change has come. Now the PAP must fight for the mandate to form the new government. Will the citizens vote to reject the PAP offer of more of the same to remain merely as economic digits? Will the citizens vote to live a more meaningful life with dignity, joy and happiness, for themselves and their families?

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GE: Key issue is cost of living

Posted by under Election Watch on 19 April 2011

Think Centre forecast cost of living as the key election issue all parties will debate and recommend changes to better living and working conditions. High cost of living remains with much suffering for all families.

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'Major win' for Japan opposition

Posted by under Election Watch on 30 August 2009

Japan is suffering record unemployment and its economy is struggling to emerge from a bruising recession. The DPJ has said it will shift the focus of government from supporting corporations to helping consumers and workers.

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What went wrong for Japan's LDP?

Posted by Philippa Fogarty under Election Watch on 27 August 2009

The LDP of Japan which has held power in Japan for 5 decades looks set to face almost certain defeat at the polls this weekend.

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Malaysia GE2008 - Opposition Won 5 States

Posted by under Election Watch on 9 March 2008

For the first time, Barisan Nasional coalition lost its two-thirds parliamentary majority. Malaysian opposition won in 5 states - Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Kelatan. A well-deserved victory that promises the birth of a new dawn in Malaysian politics.

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East Timor : Coalition talks begin following polls

Posted by under Election Watch on 23 July 2007

The election followed a year of violence and political turmoil in East Timor. While Fretilin's led the election, the vote share plummeted from the 57 percent it took in the 2001 election.

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East Timor votes to heal 'broken' nation

Posted by under Election Watch on 10 April 2007

It is the first poll since the former Portuguese colony declared independence in 2002 after a bloody separation three years earlier from occupying Indonesian forces.

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Thai election commissioners jailed for four years

Posted by under Election Watch on 2 August 2006

Thailand's three election commissioners, seen as close allies of embattled Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, were today sentenced to four years in prison for allowing unqualified candidates to run in parliamentary elections in April.

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Lion City baits mousy Opposition

Posted by Garry Rodan under Election Watch on 19 June 2006

Decades of authoritarian rule suggest, in the ruling party' view a strong PAP and a strong opposition capable of competing with it are incompatible.

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Singapore GE: FACTBOX-Key facts and figures

Posted by under Election Watch on 29 April 2006

The absence of a truly independent elections commission is a very serious weakness in Singapore's elections process and throws the whole process into question whether its free and fair.

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Whither the new voters?

Posted by Seah Chiang Nee under Election Watch on 28 February 2006

THE newly released registration of voters, in advance of the coming general election, shows the number of new registered voters in the past five years has increased by a paltry 45,000 or just 9000 a year!

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Singapore: WP is playing by the book

Posted by Teo Hwee Nak under Election Watch on 30 January 2006

The Workers party's manifesto has become a subject of public debate. People's Action Party's (PAP) organising secretary for special duties Dr Ng Eng Hen [who is the Minister for Manpower] criticized the WP's Manifesto as "time bombs". Why?

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Singapore: Election seen on horizon

Posted by under Election Watch on 26 January 2006

GOVERNMENT handouts, attacks on opposition parties and an expected giveaway budget mean only one thing, say analysts in Singapore: Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is getting ready to call an election.

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Japan's first presidential election

Posted by Andrew Stevens under Election Watch on 22 October 2005

The election may suggest that the health of Japanese democracy is vulnerable to the media-savvy use of glamorous women chosen to front an electoral machine designed to preserve in power an ossified collection of elderly males and their factional interests.

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Singapore incumbent named president unopposed

Posted by Sebastian Tong under Election Watch on 19 August 2005

SINGAPORE'S incumbent president was named to a second six-year term on Wednesday, Aug 17, after three would-be contenders were disqualified in a move political analysts said could hurt the ruling party in coming elections.

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Singapore: Presidential contest - panic in the PAP?

Posted by under Election Watch on 11 August 2005

Ever since Andrew Kuan announced his intention to seek the presidency, Singaporeans have been treated to an unaccustomed spectacle the PAP coming out with all guns blazing, almost as if they're in panic.

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Indonesia: Elections do nothing to eliminate sources of social tension

Posted by Max Lane under Election Watch on 7 March 2005

20 September 2004, at least 33 million Indonesians abstained the first direct presidential elections in Indonesia. Will there be stability under the SBY government to attract foreign investment and solve the economic problems?

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