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Think Centre condemns Myanmar Military Coup

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News, Election Watch, ASEAN Watch, Statement on 1 February 2021

We urge the leaders in Myanmar, whether military, civilian, ethnic or religious, to renew their commitment to continue to protect Myanmar's democracy, which has been growing slowly, and to carefully nurture it collectively with all the peoples of Myanmar. We also encourage the international community including ASEAN to call for a peaceful democratic resolution to the current crisis.

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Think Centre expresses concern over Singaporean sentenced to death in Vietnam

Posted by Think Centre under ASEAN Watch, Statement on 24 August 2020

Think Centre is gravely concerned over the recent news of a Singaporean man, Cher Wei Hon, reportedly sentenced to death in Vietnam... Drug trafficking remains a serious problem in the ASEAN region. However, it is manifestly clear that the death penalty remains a poor solution to the problem. We urge countries like Singapore and Vietnam to seek a better path through collaboration and developing a better understanding of the social root causes driving drug consumption.

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Think Centre: Singapore, Halt Imminent Execution of Prabagaran Srivijayan

Posted by Think Centre under Human Rights Watch, Policy Watch, Human Rights Education, ASEAN Watch, Statement on 13 July 2017

Think Centre condemns the imminent execution of Prabagaran Srivijayan scheduled for 14th July 2017. Prior to his arrest, Prabagaran was a 24-year-old young migrant worker who crossed the border daily from Johor (Malaysia) to work in Singapore in order to support his family... The presumption of guilt in such cases, which violates the right to a fair trial in international human rights law, also means that those who maintain their innocence like Prabagaran will never fit into the criteria. We are concerned that clemency pleas may not be heard by the entire cabinet, and based only on the recommendations of standing/ad hoc committees whose constituents are unknown to the public. ...many executions are carried out in secret, raising questions about the government claims about the efficacy of the death penalty in deterring crimes.

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Think Centre urges Ministry of Foreign Affairs to assist two Singaporeans in unlawful extended detention in Malaysia

Posted by Think Centre under Human Rights Watch, ASEAN Watch on 29 June 2017

Think Centre is concerned about the prolonged detention of two Singaporean females, Ms. Quek Chin Fern and Ms. Cheryl Lim, in Johor’s Kluang Prison. They were arrested earlier this month on 19 June 2017 for shoplifting offences and were both sentenced to serve one day of imprisonment on 22 June 2017. However, despite completing their sentence, they have yet to be released by the prison authorities due to the Immigration Department of Malaysia’s intervening to extend their detention. Ms. Quek has reportedly suffered a dislocated arm since her detention however no adequate medical attention has been provided by the Malaysian authorities. It is also disturbing to learn that the Singapore’s High Commission has reportedly expressed reluctance to provide the necessary consular assistance to Ms. Quek and Ms. Lim on the basis of non-interference with another country’s matters.

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Indonesia Pushing to Steer the Course In Asean Single Market Transformation

Posted by Nivell Rayda under ASEAN Watch on 7 March 2011

The 10 Asean countries are aspiring to build a single market and production base in a bid to build a highly competitive economic region.

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Placing Human Rights at the Forefront of ASEAN Chair

Posted by SAPA TFAHR under ASEAN Watch on 7 January 2011

Having branded as a democratic country with respect for human rights within national and international communities, there is a high expectation on Indonesia towards its Chairmanship of ASEAN this year.

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Vietnam takes the helm

Posted by under ASEAN Watch on 20 February 2010

Asean has committed to building a people-centred community. Vietnam will work with other members on appropriate modalities for communication and engagement with the civil society.

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Rafendi Djamin: Indonesian member of the AICHR

Posted by Marwaan Macan-Markar under ASEAN Watch on 26 October 2009

This commission belongs to all nations of ASEAN; it belongs to the people. But if governments show disrespect that affects the dignity and authority and the functioning of this commission, then it will backfire on those who are doing it.

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Five CSO Reps rejected from interface with ASEAN leaders

Posted by APF 2009 under ASEAN Watch on 25 October 2009

ASEAN civil society groups feel strongly that the rejection of their democratically-selected representatives is a rejection of both civil society and the democratic process. CSO Reps were selected to meet the ASEAN leaders from over 500 CSO representatives, during the 3-day APF-ACSC, 18-20 October 2009.

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ASEAN Human Rights Body Launched Amid Controversy

Posted by Simon Roughneen under ASEAN Watch on 23 October 2009

At 11.30 pm on Thursday night, Thai foreign ministry officials informed the delegates elected at a meeting of the Asean People's Forum over Oct. 18-20that the governments of Burma, Singapore, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines had vetoed the chosen NGO representatives.

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Asean leaders and civil society groups: Gap Widens

Posted by Kavi Chongkittavorn under ASEAN Watch on 13 October 2009

At the first interface in February 2009, the CSO called on the Asean leaders to treat them as partners and institutionalise the interface to ensure the full implementation of the Asean Charter and people-oriented community

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AICHR: Selecting the Singapore representative

Posted by under ASEAN Watch on 17 September 2009

The Singapore Working Group on ASEAN (SWGA), a civil society group led by Think Centre, make recommendations on the national process of selecting the representative for the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights.

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Asean offers to help Burma

Posted by Kittipong Thavevong under ASEAN Watch on 25 July 2009

'Promote democracy, rights, well-being'

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U.N rights chief disappointed on new ASEAN body

Posted by Robert Evans under ASEAN Watch on 22 July 2009

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay on Wednesday welcomed the endorsement by ASEAN Foreign Ministers of the terms of reference for the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights but at the same time voiced regret the new commission had no clear mandate to protect victims of abuses in the region.

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CSO pressure forcing AHRB into a 'make or break' period

Posted by Kavi Chongkittavorn under ASEAN Watch on 29 June 2009

The Asean-based civil society organisations (CSO) are working day and night urging the drafters to include provisions to protect the human rights of 575 million Asean citizens.

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ASEAN Human Rights Body Dismissed as Toothless

Posted by Marwaan Macan-Markar under ASEAN Watch on 28 June 2009

Most troubling for the activists is the lack of power for this regional entity to investigate rights violations among member countries and the absence of independent human rights experts to be on the body. Only officials are involved in the drafting process that lacks legitimacy and lacks people's participation.

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200 civil societies demand for an ASEAN human rights body with protection mandates

Posted by under ASEAN Watch on 23 June 2009

Without the protection mandate and the independent experts, the ASEAN human rights body will be a toothless tiger. ASEAN peoples deserve a better regional human rights mechanism.

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ASEAN should establish a human rights body that is not below international standards

Posted by under ASEAN Watch on 20 June 2009

NGOs are not rejecting ASEAN's plan to promote human rights but stressed that the AHRB should be empowered to carry out protection work to address human rights violations in the region.

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Toothless: ASEAN has no provision to expel Myanmar

Posted by under ASEAN Watch on 4 June 2009

ASEAN issued a rare statement expressing its grave concern over the move by the country's military junta to try Suu Kyi, and reminded the Myanmar government that ASEAN leaders had called for her immediate release.

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Advancing a Peoples' ASEAN

Posted by under ASEAN Watch on 9 March 2009

Advancing a Peoples' ASEAN, the Thai ACSC's three-day deliberations underscored challenges ASEAN must focus on for the association to be truly significant, meaningful and effective. This statement was deliver to the ASEAN leader at the first civil Society interface at ASEAN Summit, 28 Feb 2009, Hua Hin.

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