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Joint Statement on Yong Vui Kong's appeal verdict

Posted by Think Centre & Singapore Anti-Death Penalty Campaign under Breaking News on 5 April 2011

We call on the government to declare an immediate moratorium on all death sentences and to commute Yong Vui Kong's sentence.

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SADPC: Malaysian High Court sentence Single Mother to death

Posted by Rachel Zeng under Breaking News on 24 March 2011

Mar 18, 2011, Noor Atiqah M.Lasim - a single mother was sentenced to death by the Shah Alam High Court for drug trafficking. She was sentence to death after being tricked to carry drugs in a bag.

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Salute the Egyptian People's Revolution

Posted by Think Centre Team under Breaking News on 14 February 2011

For eighteen days she seized the world's attention in a manner not even the most expensive tourism advertisement campaign ever could.

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A Victory for the People in Egypt

Posted by under Breaking News on 12 February 2011

Today belongs to the people of Egypt, as they celebrate their victory in their struggle for democracy and human rights.

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Court reserves judgment on Yong Vui Kong

Posted by under Breaking News on 17 January 2011

Yong Vui Kong was 19 years old when arrested for drug trafficking and sentenced to death on 7 January 2009. He was barely over 18 at the time of his arrest on 13 June 2007. The Singapore prosecution did not consider whether its fair and just to hang a boy. Why?

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Joint statement by SADPC and Think Centre on the Alan Shadrake's case

Posted by under Breaking News on 17 November 2010

The sentence passed is cruel and harsh on Mr Shadrake, who is vulnerable in health. The Alan Shadrake case should not have gone to the court, he should have been kindly sent home.

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Posted by Kong Soon Tan under Breaking News on 1 November 2010

The Think Centre (independent civil society) report seeks to highlight glaring areas where the Government of Singapore needs to do more work to remedy human rights problems and ensure compliance with international human rights standards.

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10 October 2010 - World Day Against Death Penalty.

Posted by under Breaking News on 11 October 2010

Think Centre Singapore advocates for the formation of a Coalition Against the Death Penalty in ASEAN.

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Call for Moratorium on Death Penalty

Posted by Kong Soon Tan under Breaking News on 3 September 2010

Think Centre renews its long standing call on the Singapore Government to impose a moratorium on the death penalty.

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Vui Kong clemency deadline extended

Posted by under Breaking News on 26 August 2010

His lawyers have obtained an extension of his deadline to appeal for clemency from Singapore president SR Nathan. A petition calling for his sentence to be commuted to life imprisonment has collected more than 100,000 signatures.

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Leadership changes at Think Centre

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 25 August 2010

A new post of Director of ASEAN Affairs was created to facilitate Think Centre's growing engagement with the various ASEAN process to build the ASEAN Community.

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Posted by under Breaking News on 8 August 2010

With inadequate living wage, lacking opportunity for better paying jobs, increasing cost of living, long hours of work (12 hours work is common), job insecurity, limited unemployment welfare and inadequate social protection, this social issues are pushing the people into stress and unhappiness.

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Think Centre calls for moratorium on death penalty

Posted by under Breaking News on 16 May 2010

Any humane criminal justice system could not continue to justify the retention of the death penalty based on retribution.

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First mission to Singapore by UN Special Rapporteur on racism

Posted by under Breaking News on 21 April 2010

The Special Rapporteur is scheduled to hold meetings with representatives of the Government and with members of the legislative and judicial branches. Discussions will also be held with non-governmental organizations, community members, academics and other individuals working in the field of racism and discrimination.

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Toothless AICHR fails human rights victims

Posted by under Breaking News on 30 March 2010

Toothless AICHR fails human rights victims and rejects civil society participation. We stand in solidarity with the victims of human rights violations who attempted to submit their cases and civil society groups effort to engage AICHR.

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ACSC+3 and Singapore Working Group for ASEAN

Posted by under Breaking News on 3 November 2007

The theme of this year's conference is 'Moving Forward: Building an ASEAN People's Agenda.' The conference aims to explore strategies to tackle the challenges arising from the adoption of the ASEAN Charter at the upcoming ASEAN Summit.

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Defend the people of Burma, UN, ASEAN urged

Posted by under Breaking News on 27 September 2007

Burmese security forces fired directly on protesting monks and other demonstrators in Rangoon. ASEAN people need to show solidarity with the people of Burma by supporting their struggle for democratization.

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Singapore hangs Touchi and Malachy

Posted by Sinapan Samydorai under Breaking News on 26 January 2007

Think Centre is disappointed that the Singapore government hanged two Africans, Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi and Okeke Nelson Malachy, despite pleas for clemency by Nigeria's president, the United Nations and human rights groups.

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Death Penalty: Amara Tochi Iwuchukwu is to be hanged

Posted by Sinapan Samydorai under Breaking News on 23 January 2007

Think Centre is disappointed that Amara Tochi Iwuchukwu will be hanged by the Singapore government at Changi prison on Friday 26 January 2007. The youth will be 'killed" by the state of Singapore.

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Iraq: Saddam Hussein hanged after unfair trial

Posted by Sinapan Samydorai under Breaking News on 1 January 2007

Saddam Hussein had committed crimes against humanity. But how could his hanging lead to reconciliation, the truth and peace? His execution under the USA supervised -"victor's justice" only serves to path the way towards more carnage, more bloodshed!

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