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The Zaobao Forum Editor

Posted by Chia Shi Teck under Breaking News on 20 February 2000

Chia Shi Teck on Picking NMPs as PAP Candidates.

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Get Past the Shock!

Posted by Mohamed Abdullah under Breaking News on 4 February 2000

Self-Censorship: Singapore's Shame by James Gomez, Think Centre, 98 pages, S$18.90

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Youths Let Off With "Warning" for Organising Public Forum

Posted by under Breaking News on 2 February 2000

After ninety days into their investigations, the Tanglin Police Station relented and decided to let, four enthusiastic youths trying to bring the Singapore 21 (S21) process forward, off with a warning. The Attorney-General's Chambers decided not to prosecute the case.

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NMP Scheme 'is Useful But Should be Transitional'

Posted by Irene Ng under Breaking News on 29 January 2000

This is to enable it to bring about political change so that a strong opposition and a two-party system may emerge, argues two NMPs.

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Stand Up And Make A Difference

Posted by Lydia Lim under Breaking News on 28 November 1999

The Singapore 21 vision encourages people to be active citizens and make a difference to society. But how far can an active citizen go in commenting on policies without overstepping the boundaries? Three speakers discussed this with a 50-strong crowd at a political forum on Friday.

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The Politics of Free Speech (With Some Constraints, of Course)

Posted by Lingam Ponnampalam under Breaking News on 27 November 1999

Get up and do something about it! With these words, Mr Viswa Sadasivan captured the thrust of a forum on Active Citizenship and Politics in Singapore yesterday.

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