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Joint Site Recce/Survey For Save JBJ Rally

Posted by under Breaking News on 7 April 2001

The date of the meeting between the Think Centre organising committee and the Police with regards to the "Save JBJ" rally has been confirmed as the following letter from the licensing division shows.

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Think Centre–Police Meeting Postponed

Posted by under Breaking News on 6 April 2001

The discussion and joint site survey by Think Centre's organising committee for the "Save JBJ" rally and the Police has been postponed.

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Joint Think Centre-Police Meeting & Site Survey

Posted by under Breaking News on 4 April 2001

LATEST - Think Centre's organising committee are scheduled to meet Police representatives for a discussion and to conduct a joint site survey of Yio Chu Kang Stadium for the JBJ Rally in the next few days. Stay tuned for more details.

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Happy April Fools' Day

Posted by under Breaking News on 1 April 2001

It has been an exhilarating 24 hours for the Think Centre since the media reported that the Centre would field election candidates in the Jalan Besar GRC. It was our April Fools' Day joke, which was in part to inject some fun into Singapore politics and in part to raise some awareness of the electoral processes in Singapore. Like many things the Think Centre does - it was a first. Using the media momentum of the "gazetting" we turned the issue completely around for people to examine how in the deepest of their hearts felt about us and what we have been doing the last year or so.

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Think Centre Members to Contest Next GE

Posted by under Breaking News on 31 March 2001

An act of parliament has raised the status of Think Centre as a political association in the same mould as political parties by the government with their announcement on 30th March 2001. This decision by the government to gazette the Centre under the Political Donations Act has led Think Centre to release a working proposal (after consultations) to field its own candidates in the upcoming election. Its purpose is to create discussion and participation of civil society in Singapore's electoral and political process at the national level.

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DPM Lee Comments on Think Centre's GE Run

Posted by under Breaking News on 31 March 2001

Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made comments over Think Centre members' decision to contest the next general elections. Read the freshly-published articles from Channel NewsAsia and Straits Times Interactive websites.

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Statement by Regional Human Rights Body

Posted by under Breaking News on 30 March 2001

Forum Asia, a regional network of human rights organisations based in Bangkok released "A Statement on the Right to Freedom of Expression in Singapore". This statement was sent to all its members who have been urged to send similar statement and/or letters to their respective governments and the ASEAN embassies in their countries. Meanwhile, Think Centre's incoming Executive-Director, Samydorai Sinapan,is lobbying in Geneva on the sidelines of the meetings of the United Nations Commission of Human Rights. See text of the statement by Forum Asia below.

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Appeal for JBJ Rally Permit Denied

Posted by under Breaking News on 30 March 2001

LATEST - In a letter dated 29th March 2001, the Minister of Home Affairs Wong Kan Seng rejected the appeal by organisers of the "Save JBJ" Rally. The decision dealt yet another blow to democratic transparency of license issuances. However, MHA left an option for the rally organisers to reapply for the permit under an organisation. Read the letter below.

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Organised Gathering at Speaker's Corner Illegal

Posted by under Breaking News on 27 March 2001

Mr. James Gomez, Executive Director, Think Centre will be speaking at the Speaker's Corner, Hong Lim Park at 6.30pm today (27/03/2001) after an absence of almost three months. Mr. Gomez will elaborate on the investigations and the administration of a warning letter issued at the Central Police Division today.

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JBJ Rally Permit Denied

Posted by under Breaking News on 26 March 2001

An application to hold a rally in support of Non-Constituency MP (NCMP) JB Jeyaretnam was denied by the licencing authorities in a fax on 23rd March 2001 (dated 22nd March). In the fax they said that since it was a political rally there are likely to be law and order problems. They also went further to state that a licence is needed for public solicitation of funds which the police normally issues only for charitable causes. The application was made on 1st March 2001 when the new Public Entertainment and Meetings Act came into place. The Act was criticised locally for still having a strangle hold on political meetings.

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Think Centre Prepares for Change in Leadership

Posted by Tan Kong Soon under Breaking News on 10 March 2001

Think Centre, Singapore's latest NGO newsmaker, will see a change of leadership in the middle of this year. Announcing the appointment of Sinapan Samydorai as the new Deputy Executive Director at the February 2001 Board meeting, James Gomez (Executive Director and founder of Think Centre) will be gradually delegating his executive powers and duties to a man who needs no introduction, especially in the regional human rights scene.

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Think Centre asks Head, MediaCorp Radio to resign

Posted by under Breaking News on 5 March 2001

Being expected to arrive in the morning of Saturday 3 March 2001, Think Centre decided instead to make their presence in Caldecott Broadcast Centre one day in advance.

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Think Centre Permit Application Denied

Posted by under Breaking News on 26 February 2001

The Police have turned down an application to hold a picket outside the premises of the Radio Corporation of Singapore. The Police cited potential law and order problem as reason. Think Centre is appealing the decision. It is asking the Police to advice the Centre how it can hold the picket while taking into consideration law and order issues. Read the Police reply...

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JBJ's application to dismiss, dismissed!

Posted by JB Jeyaretnam under Breaking News on 13 February 2001

Read JB Jeyaretnams press release on his ongoing struggle to fight court actions against him.

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Where is Fauziah Ibrahim?

Posted by under Breaking News on 8 February 2001

Think Centre (TC) has been given the run-around by the Radio Corporation of Singapore (RCS) with regards to the fate of their presentor, Fauziah Ibrahim. Uncomfirmed reports from our sources say that she has resigned from RCS.

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JBJ Declared A Bankrupt

Posted by under Breaking News on 7 February 2001

The following is a press release by J B Jeyaretnam, Secretry-General of the Worker's Party and a Member of Parliament who has been declared a bankrupt by the Singapore courts.

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Gomez Summoned by Singapore Police

Posted by under Breaking News on 6 February 2001

James Gomez, Executive Director of Think Centre, has been notified through a letter dated 29th January 2001 to appear at the Central Police Division HQ by Inspector Alvin Chong.Inspector Chong, who is the Senior Investigation Officer, mentioned in his letter that James Gomez is asked to appear for a police investigation, "in connection into an offence of Assembly Without a Permit alleged to have been committed on 10th December 2000 between 0900hrs and 1500hrs at Speaker's Corner, Hong Lim Green."The interview is set to take place on 10th February 2001 at 9.30am at the HQ which is located at 99, Beach Road.

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Kevin Liew's Interview with the Singapore Police

Posted by under Breaking News on 2 February 2001

Kevin Liew, programme coordinator for the Open Singapore Centre (OSC) was interviewed by the police at the Central Police Division HQ for three hours from 4pm to 7pm on 30/1/2001 with regards to the events that took place on 10/12/2000. To commemorate International Human Rights Day, an event was co-organized by the Think Centre (TC) and OSC at Speaker's Corner on 10/12/2000 (Sun).

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Police begins Human Rights Day investigations

Posted by under Breaking News on 30 January 2001

The Singapore Police Force has begun investigations into the Speakers' Corner International Human Rights Day celebrations held on 10 December 2000. The event featured the Open Singapore Centre and the Think Centre where some of its members gave speeches on the necessity of abolishing the Internal Security Act. The event attracted 50 people to Hong Lim Park at noon just after Dr. Chee Soon Juan had run a marathon to symbolise the years Chia Tye Poh spent in detention without trial.

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Rage against Estrada's Barbarism builds into a Peaceful Democratic Revolution

Posted by under Breaking News on 17 January 2001

Soon the enlightened nations will put on trial those who have hitherto ruled over them. The kings shall flee into the deserts, into the company of the wild beasts whom they resemble. --Saint-Just, Sur la Constitution de la France, Discours prononcé à la Convention, 24 April 1793-- [ANTI-ESTRADA PROTESTORS ARE CURRENTLY ORGANISING FOR MASS ACTION IN MANILA] Read on for the latest!!!

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