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Dr. Chee, Ghandi Found Guilty As Prosecution Fumbles

Posted by under Breaking News on 9 October 2002

Dr. Chee Soon Juan was found guilty for speaking at a rally without a licence and wilful trespass. He was fined $4500. He chose not to pay the fine and will go to jail for 5 weeks. Ghandi Ambalam too was found guilty and fined $3000. Mr. Ghandi will be spending a month in jail for refusing to pay the fine.

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Malaysia: Anti-ISA meeting, crowd beaten and dispersed

Posted by Beh Lih Yi under Breaking News on 2 October 2002

More than 100 police officers tonight [October 1st] sealed off the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall in Kuala Lumpur and stopped a planned anti-Internal Security Act meeting from proceeding there. The meeting was to discuss the abuse of power by the police in detaining the reformasi activists under ISA.

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Playing with Dolls a Law and Order Problem - Think Centre's Permit Application Rejected

Posted by under Breaking News on 30 September 2002

On 4th September, Think Centre's working committee made an application to the FPD (Film and Publication Department) via fax for a permit to hold an installation art display on 1st October (Children's Day). The installation was to be displayed at one of the raised grass patch outside Raffles Place MRT Station (in between Change Alley and OUB centre). The installation was conceptualised to bring up the issues of the pressures and stress faced by children in society.

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21 arrested by ISD for terrorism related activities

Posted by under Breaking News on 16 September 2002

As predicted by Think Centre, the ISD has arrested 21 Singaporeans for terrorism related activities in the latest crack down. 19 of them were connected to the Jemaah Islamiyah (JI) network. 2 others were connected to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), a secessionist group in the Philippines.

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Chee goes to Trial

Posted by under Breaking News on 26 July 2002

Dr. Chee Soon Juan of the Singapore Democratic Party will be in court today to face charges that he spoke on issues pertaining to religion at the Speakers' Corner.

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Law must be uniform: Zulfikar

Posted by Anbarasu Balrasan under Breaking News on 26 July 2002

Think Centre received a call from Zulfikar last night from Melbourne, Australia. He said that he would come back to Singapore on condition that if he is charged for criminal defamation, then he feels the PM should be charged with the same offence.

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Dr. Lee Siew Choh has left us

Posted by under Breaking News on 18 July 2002

Veteran politician and former leader of Barisan Socialis, Dr. Lee Siew Choh, passed away this evening (18/7/2002) at his home at 5.31pm. He was 85 years old. Dr. Lee had been fighting cancer for the past three years.

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Ex-SDA Politician Joins SDP

Posted by Tan Kong Soon under Breaking News on 17 July 2002

Christopher Neo Ting Wei, former Treasurer of the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA), has joined the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP). Inside sources have confimed that Neo has submitted his membership form and now awaits the SDP Central Executive Committee (CEC) to approve his application.

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Anwar's appeal dismissed

Posted by under Breaking News on 10 July 2002

The three-member Federal Court panel today unanimously dismissed ex-deputy premier Anwar Ibrahim's final appeal against his conviction and six-year sentencing for tampering with police investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct.

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Is PKMS Sec-Gen stepping down?

Posted by Tan Kong Soon under Breaking News on 9 July 2002

In an advertisement under "Notices" page C26 of the Classified section of the Straits Times (Friday 5 July 2002), Singapore's largest Malay-based opposition party Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Singapura (PKMS) announced the removal of its Secretary General Rahizan bin Yacob from its business group.

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Zulfikar files appeal and makes police report

Posted by under Breaking News on 7 July 2002

On Saturday, Ex-CEO of, Zulfikar Mohd. Shariff has filed an appeal against his $600 fine for willful trespass of a police station. He also made a police report against three Singapore politicians alleging that he could have been crimnally defamed by them.

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Posted by under Breaking News on 3 July 2002

Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) condemn the police action in arresting the organiser of a public forum Ong Boon Keong and for intimidating a peaceful forum to discuss local public interest issues.

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"It is absolute nonsense"

Posted by under Breaking News on 20 June 2002

Mr Goh has his tongue in his cheek in the interview he gave to the Business Week defending the appointment of Ms Ho Ching. It is insulting to the many many talented Singaporeans to be told that there is no talent outside the Lee family. It is absolute nonsense.

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Opposition Politician Quits

Posted by under Breaking News on 6 June 2002

Christopher Neo Ting Wei, 38, has resigned from the National Solidarity Party (NSP). He tendered his resignation on the 2 June to NSP's Central Executive Committee (CEC).

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Think Centre-PAS Forges Ahead in Bilateral Ties

Posted by Tan Kong Soon under Breaking News on 23 May 2002

Think Centre made contact with the Youth Wing of Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS) last night in a landmark meeting and forged new friendships and bilateral ties. At the 30-minute private discussion at the Oxford Hotel, the Centre's President Sinapan Samydorai led his members in hosting the 10-man delegation from across the Causeway.

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Singapore Activists Arrested, Police Inspector Gaffes

Posted by under Breaking News on 1 May 2002

On an eventful May Day in Singapore, the police arrested Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) leaders Dr Chee Soon Juan and Gandhi Ambalam outside the gates of the Istana. An hour later, Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff, a journalist was detained after disputing attempts by Inspector Selvakumar to drive SDP supporters, observers and media personnel out of Tanglin Police Division headquarters.

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Night Falls as Activists Continue in Confinement

Posted by under Breaking News on 1 May 2002

Earlier in the afternoon, the Singapore police arrested two opposition politicians the gantries of the Istana, the office of the President of Singapore. A further arrest was made on a political activist inside Tanglin Police Division headquarters. Supporters then gathered outside holding placards until the police put a stop to it.

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Appeal of the Earth Day Network for the World Summit 2002

Posted by under Breaking News on 22 April 2002

On the occasion of the Earth Day, 22 April, an appeal by the Earth Day Network, to all Heads of Government to secure the well-being of their citizens by preserving the natural systems that sustains all.

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Fateha CEO Resigns!

Posted by under Breaking News on 25 January 2002

In a media release today (25/01/02),, said that it's CEO, Zulfikar Mohamad Shariff, has tendered his resignation and his resignation is effective as of today, 25/1/2002.

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Singapore Government Press Statement on ISA Arrests

Posted by under Breaking News on 12 January 2002

On 11 January 2002 evening, TV channels revealed the details of the ISA arrests - the names of the 15 detainees, the investigation report, 2 years detention orders for 13, and 2 persons have been released on Restriction Orders on 6 Jan 2002. The 15 were arrested under the ISA for alleged terrorists activities and connections. Think Centre hopes the 13 detainees are safe, in good health and are not deprived of their sleep or their basic necessities as human beings. Read on to know the story.

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