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Pearl Harbour Part 2

Posted by under Breaking News on 12 September 2001

Democratic civilisation has been put to the test. Terrorists have used two commercial aircrafts to crash into the World Trade Centre causing both buildings to collapse. Reports at 2.30 a.m. cannot confirm the number of casualties. Forty-five minutes later, at Washington DC, the capital of the USA, another airline crashed into the Pentagon, the centre of the US defence establishment. The fourth airline has crashed into Pennsylvania.

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Posted by under Breaking News on 31 August 2001

Think Centre's Asian initiative has been launched in Bangkok.

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First Gravel of the Journey

Posted by under Breaking News on 31 August 2001

Think Centre's journey into a political society kicked off yesterday afternoon at the SIR Building. With the entourage of Christopher Neo, Melvin Tan, Tan Kong Soon and chief advisor James Gomez, Think Centre's Executive Director Sinapan Samydorai led the way up to the Registry of Societies (ROS) located on the sixth floor.

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The Journey Begins at ROS

Posted by under Breaking News on 28 August 2001

On Wednesday, 29 August 2001, Think Centre will be at Singapore Immigration and Registration (SIR) Building to submit its official application to the Registry of Societies (ROS) to form as a society.

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Think Centre's Speakers' Corner Online to Go

Posted by under Breaking News on 15 August 2001

Due to the recent amendments to the Parliamentary Elections Act (PEA) which was first announced on 25th July 2001 by the government, Think Centre has decided to remove the Speakers' Corner Online (SCO), one of the well-known features of our website

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Think Centre Will Stay

Posted by under Breaking News on 29 July 2001

On 29 July 2001, the Board of Directors met to discuss Senior Director James Gomez's motion to dissolve independent political non-governmental organisation Think Centre. They agreed unanimously that Think Centre would remain and not to dissolve. This decision was further endorsed by the Centre's Management Committee.

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James Gomez resigns from The Roundtable & MediaWatch Community

Posted by under Breaking News on 2 July 2001

James Gomez has formally resigned from The Roundtable of which he was a member. He has also made known his intention to the MediaWatch Community that he will no longer be one of their advisers.

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Two Pakistanis Hanged in Singapore

Posted by under Breaking News on 6 June 2001

Pakistani nationals Mohammed Ali Hashim aged 53 and Mohammed Afzal Khan aged 49, who were sentenced to death on drug trafficking charges, are facing imminent execution. The Court of Appeal rejected Muhammad Afzal Khan*s appeal on 21 May. On the recommendation of his lawyer Mohammed Ali Hashim has not appealed. The only hope now for both men is to petition the President, who has the power to grant clemency.

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Death Penalty

Posted by under Breaking News on 6 June 2001

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James Gomez Ranked Among Asia's 50 Most Powerful

Posted by under Breaking News on 25 May 2001

In today's issue of Project Eyeball, Senior Director of Think Centre, James Gomez was reported to have made it into the list of the region's 50 most powerful people while Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong is out. This is sixth annual ranking by Asiaweek. Watch this space as we bring you full highights from the Asiaweek magazine tommorrow.

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Malaysian Indian Congress invites Think Centre as Observers: Building Cross-straits Ties

Posted by under Breaking News on 18 May 2001

Dato' Seri S. Samy Vellu has invited Think Centre for the annual Malaysian Indian Congress meeting to be held at Eden Garden Hotel, Johor Bahru. Two representatives, Jacob George and Anbarasu Balrasan, will attend the meeting to be held over two days (19/5/2001-20/5/2001) and will continue to network with Malaysian politicians, journalists, social workers and party activists.

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God Willing, I Shall Be Participating In The Next Elections

Posted by J B Jeyaretnam under Breaking News on 3 May 2001

The following is a press release issued today (3rd May 2001) by J B Jeyaretnam. It is in response to the earlier revelation that he's stepping down as the Secretary-General of the Workers' Party.

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JBJ to Step Down!

Posted by under Breaking News on 1 May 2001

Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam known to Singapore and the world over as JBJ has decided to step down as the Secretary-General of The Workers' Party!

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All Permits Approved for Save JBJ Rally!

Posted by under Breaking News on 25 April 2001

Its all systems go with the final licence for the sale of the book "Make it Right for Singapore", T-shirt and stickers for the rally being exempted.

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Permit to Sell at JBJ Rally - is it Approved?

Posted by under Breaking News on 24 April 2001

The final permit with regards to selling books, t-shirts and stickers at the "Save JBJ" rally is pending. And that's not all! Read on to find out where our application for the permit ended up in!

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Steve Chia Returns Home Safe and Sound

Posted by under Breaking News on 22 April 2001

Steve Chia has safely returned to Singapore at 9.30 pm on Sunday, 22 April 2001. Chia flew in from Chiang Mai, Thailand, and was met by his family, friends and members of the National Solidarity Party (NSP).

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Steve Chia Sustains Injury in Accident and Stops His Trip

Posted by under Breaking News on 20 April 2001

Mr. Steve Chia, assistant secretary-general, National Solidarity Party, lost control of his BMW motorbike while negotiating a corner near Mae Hong Son and Long Neck Karen Tribe in Northen Thailand on 17 April at approximately 11am. He was unconscious when the police took him to hospital.

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License Approved for Rally but with Conditions; Licensing Procedures Continue to be Cumbersome and Inefficient

Posted by under Breaking News on 18 April 2001

In a faxed letter dated 18th April 2001, the Licensing Division of the Singapore Police Force has approved Think Centre's application for a Public Entertainment License for the "Save JBJ" rally to be held on 28th April 2001 at Yio Chu Kang Stadium. But with conditions.

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Joint Site Recce/Survey For Save JBJ Rally

Posted by under Breaking News on 7 April 2001

The date of the meeting between the Think Centre organising committee and the Police with regards to the "Save JBJ" rally has been confirmed as the following letter from the licensing division shows.

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Think Centre–Police Meeting Postponed

Posted by under Breaking News on 6 April 2001

The discussion and joint site survey by Think Centre's organising committee for the "Save JBJ" rally and the Police has been postponed.

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