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PAP Minister's Threat to Sue for Damages Over Email Elicits Apology

Posted by under Breaking News on 31 December 2000

Haji E.S. Ebrahim Marican sent an email on 29 Oct 2000 alleging quite a few things about PAP Minister Abdullah Tarmugi. It resulted in a threat of lawsuit and the consequent apology by Mr. Marican. Be careful, you, the reader, could be sued for an erroneous email too. Read below to find out more....

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Chia Thye Poh: Return to Singapore

Posted by under Breaking News on 20 December 2000

Chia Thye Poh finishes his graduate studies in The Hague in December 2000 and will return to Singapore. A recent Malaysiakini article -- Spirit of Asia's Mandela, by Ang Hiok Gai -- reports on an interview with him. Chia, once one of the longest-serving prisoners of conscience anywhere in the world, speaks about the future, maintaining once again that his quest is for democracy. He states that, in regard to the struggle for democracy, "This is not about a personal battle. The struggle for democracy is much more than personal battles.

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PAP Government Rebutted

Posted by JB Jeyaretnam under Breaking News on 13 December 2000

The Minister for Home Affairs, through his press secretary, asks me to bring up the issue of detention without trial at the next General Election. (ST 12 Dec) This is old hat. What Mr. Wong should say is whether, if the PAP loses in the constituency where I bring up the issue, his government will immediately repeal all the provisions in the law permitting this violence on our people. Will the government now give this assurance? Then at least his call to me to raise it at the general election becomes meaningful. Otherwise it is all just blather.

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Think Centre demands RCS tape recordings

Posted by under Breaking News on 12 December 2000

In response to News Radio 93.8's media reports explaining why the 2nd broadcast was edited and its accusation that the Think Centre "got it facts wrong", the Centre's Board of Directors have sent a letter to RCS, demanding that they (RCS) prove their case. RCS has yet to respond or acknowledge the letter. Meanwhile they continue to claim that re-editing was for the interview with Tan Kong Soon and want to play the incident down. Read TC's letter in full... Stay tuned while we bring Tan Kong Soon's take on the matter very shortly.

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Think Centre Crosses the Causeway for a Vigorous Speakers' Corner Event

Posted by Melvin Tan under Breaking News on 9 December 2000

If microphones are not to be used in Hong Lim Park, Think Centre will always find better ways in better places to project loudly its political concerns - and one is to cross state boundaries.

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Licensing Division Gives No Reason for Rejection of Application

Posted by under Breaking News on 14 November 2000

In gross contradiction of an easing of licensing of public events, the Public Entertainments Licensing Unit (PELU), yesterday rejected without reason an application by James Gomez, Executive Director, Think Centre to organise a Speakers' Corner at 12 & 14 Haig Road on 19/11/2000 from 8.30am 10am. Read the reply letter from PELU.

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Many die in SIA crash

Posted by BBC, Taiwan under Breaking News on 1 November 2000

Did you know you know that there were two editions of the Straits Times this morning. The first one only carried a caption of the crash on the front page. That edition was not recalled and is available all over the island. The second one carried the more eloborate report with photos and additional reporting inside. It is availabe in certain parts of Singapore only. CNN beat Channel News Asia to the TV story. Read the BBC report for the full story.

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Law of the Penis in Society!

Posted by Jacob George under Breaking News on 29 October 2000

The flap over the play, Talaq (Divorce), has shown how difficult it still remains for women to fully express themselves in this phallocentric society or to put it more bluntly, society ruled by the law of the penis!

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Think Centre celebrates its first birthday!

Posted by under Breaking News on 29 October 2000

Think Centre celebrated its first anniversary at Matahari Pub.

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Spirit of Asia's Mandela

Posted by Ang Hiok Gai under Breaking News on 14 October 2000

"The world's second longest serving prisoner of conscience" is a title that no one wants to be honoured with. Yet, it goes to show the unrelenting spirit of Singaporean Chia Thye Poh.

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Speak up at Speakers' Corner!

Posted by under Breaking News on 26 September 2000

On 6 October 2000, Think Centre will take centre stage again at Speakers' Corner from 5 pm to 7 pm. Come and hear what we have to say!

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Left out of The Straits Times

Posted by under Breaking News on 23 September 2000

Look who left out the most notable character on the field!

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Youths Deal with Difficulties of Cross-Straits Travel to Learn of Malaysian Youths' Passion for Politics

Posted by Michael Cheng under Breaking News on 17 September 2000

On 16 September 2000, 5 guys and gals from Think Centre bundled into a small car and headed across the Causeway to attend a youth conference at University of Technology Malaysia. There they learned about the Malaysian youths passion for their country. But the trip was an adventure of sorts with out of range handphones, wrong street directories and intense manual labour! Who said cross-straits relations was easy. Here's the scoop!

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Malaysian NGOs' Joint Statement on Burma

Posted by under Breaking News on 15 September 2000

Malaysian NGOs has issues a joint statement expressing its concerns for the latest developments in Burma (Myanmar).

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Modification Of Defamation Law For Speakers' Corner

Posted by Hj E S Ebrahim Marican under Breaking News on 15 September 2000

A petition to modify the defamation law for Speakers' Corner.

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Singapore-Germany Youth Dialogue Session 2000

Posted by Wee Ka Min under Breaking News on 6 September 2000

The THINK Centre successfully hosted a Singapore-Germany Youth Dialogue Session on Sep 5, Tuesday - the second gathering of such nature between Singaporeans and foreigners, following the JB Chit Chat Session held a couple of months ago.

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Think Centre Moves into New Premises

Posted by Melvin Tan under Breaking News on 24 August 2000

Believe it or not, Think Centre now has a physical office space! Located a stone's throw away from the Singapore Parliament, it is housed at the Excelsior Shopping Centre (next to Excelsior Hotel off the junction of Coleman Street and Hill Street).

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Speaker's Corner - Breaking News

Posted by Anuradha Narayanasamy under Breaking News on 21 August 2000

Anuradha Narayanasamy reports for Think Centre from Hong Lim Park.

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Bad Journalism or Biased Reporting?

Posted by Think Centre under Breaking News on 14 August 2000

Below are two articles that reported on the Asian Democracy forum organised by the Open Singapore Centre, 5th August 2000. What would have like to have known about the forum. Read the articles below and make up your own mind.

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Falungong launches ad campaign in Singapore, claiming harassment

Posted by AFP under Breaking News on 7 August 2000

The Falungong spiritual movement launched a promotional campaign in Singapore Monday, claiming members were being harassed by authorities although the group is legally registered.

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